Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random pictures of me from fire academy

The fountain of life....
I'm in the middle pile of people

This is me with my engine company #5 making entry to the building
I am the goober on the right

Gota love rehab

This is a picture of class #36!

Repelling is fun

Me in my bunker gear

We were a good class so they took us to a shooting range.
Most of the canadians had never shot a gun before so they were amazed

One of the instructors showing some force

Kinda boring but I figure this blog hasn't been updated in forever so anythings better than nothing


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Health Issues

For those of you I have not talked to, I'll give a little health update. I have been experiencing dizziness. It's a lot of fun! I was getting dizzy and nauseated when I layed down, especially if I rolled onto my right side. I went to my nurse practitioner and she started me on some meds. One to dry up potential fluid in my ears, although she couldn't see a problem in there. She also gave me dramamine for the dizziness. Now that stuff makes me sooooo tired! Anyway, she also did some blood tests - just in case. Well, the dizziness is better as long as I take the dramamine every morning and every night. If I skip a dose I get a little dizzy, so I know it's still there.

When the results of the blood test came back, my TSH level was high - a 10.9 (should be between 0.3 and 5.5) - this means I have Hypothyroidism. They started me on meds this week and I go back in 6 to 8 weeks for another blood test. The symptoms of this are mostly common things like weight gain, cold all the time, tired, sleeplessness, dizziness. There are some quirky ones that I actually have like shoulder joint pain - it said joint pain is common, but particularly in the shoulder, seems kind of strange. Another is enlarge tongue. I can remember thinking that my tongue feels kind of swollen, and then decided I was loony, but maybe not!

Anyway, I hope that the dizziness will go away after a few weeks on the meds, because this dramamine makes it hard to get up in the morning!

WALLS! We have walls!

Our new house now has a slab, walls and stairs! We are really excited that it is finally underway. Now all we have to do is sell ours.